We help our clients to build their best possible economic We understand you’re saving for all different life events: retirement, a house, simply to build wealth, or all of the above. Your investment account should adjust to your life — not the other way around.


Entrepreneurship is a key driver of our economy. Wealth and a high majority of jobs are created by small businesses started by entrepreneurial minded individuals, many of whom go on to create big businesses. Many experienced business people political leaders, economists, and educators believe that fostering a robust entrepreneurial culture will maximize individual and collective economic and social success on a local, national, and global scale. It is with this in mind that The Toyota Kenya Foundation has developed training to prepare youth and adults to succeed in an entrepreneurial economy.

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Agricultural value chain normally refers to the whole range of goods and services necessary for an agricultural product to move from the farm to the final customer or consumer. The term “value chain” has thus been used to characterize this interconnected, coordinated set of links and linkages that take place as products move along a continuum between primary production and the consumer.


This Course involves key agribusiness players – the agricultural producers, the businesses that provide supplies and services to the producers, and the businesses that add value to agricultural products – to respond to these changes will depend on the knowledge, managerial expertise, leadership ability, and creativity of agribusiness managers and leaders.

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Kaizen “Continuous improvement” concept originates from Toyota in Japan when Toyota implemented quality control circles leading to the development of Toyota’s unique “Toyota Production System (TPS) in 1950s. The Japanese way of bottom up improvement has been adopted and practiced in the world since 1980s as “Kaizen”. Kaizen is a hallmark of TPS.

Kaizen brings incremental positive changes to quality of your service and products, technology, processes, company culture, productivity, safety and leadership. Participants will be equipped with full understanding of Kaizen practices complemented with Gemba (the site where activities are taking place) visits through our Kaizen Practitioners Course so as to implement Kaizen within your Organization.

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