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TST21 Body & Paint Technician


Body and Paint Technician (TST21-Body & paint)

OVERVIEW : Toyota Service Technician for the 21st Century (TST21 B&P) is a training conducted by Toyota Kenya limited through Toyota Kenya Foundation with the aim of developing skills of youth in the latest automobile repair technology.


The main aim of TST21B&P training is to up-skill the ‘Jua Kali’ Apprentice to be able to repair damaged vehicles by use of modern Toyota technology and create an entrepreneurial mindset.

OutCome Competencies

Technicians will able carry both minor and major body and paint service on Toyota Models and all other car models, develop personal and entrepreneurial skills.

Academic Qualifications

Academic Qualifications

  • KCSE Certification
  • More than six (6) month’s hands on vehicle experience
  • Under 26 years of age
  • Available for training in Nairobi (Toyota Kenya Academy) as per the training calendar
  • Good communication skills and
  • Proficient in English
  • Basic Computer skills
  • Interest in automotive repair

Program Modules

Module 1 (M1)

  • Introduction to TST21 B&P
  • General Information
  • Work Safety
  • Body structure and impact effect
  • Basic element of body repair
  • Procedure to repair damaged vehicle

Module 2 (M2)

  • Panel repair 1( simple surfaces )
  • Panel filling(simple surfaces)

Module 3 (M3)

  • Welding techniques
  • Tools & equipment
  • Welding defect